Hey Dance Instructors!

 Do You Want Dancers Who:

✔️Dance Cleaner?
✔️Dance Sharper?
✔️Jump Higher?
✔️Execute their Movements?
✔️Have GORGEOUS Technique?
✔️Dance Longer With Less Injuries?



The most comprehensive resource for safe and effective strength training for competitive dancers.

Created by World Champion Dancer and Personal Trainer Katie Groven

When you use the hundreds of exercises and skill specific training plans at dancer-fitness.com

➡️Your dancers will become stronger

➡️ Stronger dancers move with control

➡️More control means cleaner skills

➡️Cleaner skills leads to better execution 

➡️Better execution leads to higher scores

➡️Higher scores leads to more confidence and more reasons to celebrate! 

➡️Works for any style of dance and level of dancer


Dancer-Fitness.Com gives you the tools you need to help your dancers improve their: 
✔️Jumps & Leaps
✔️Turns & Kicks
With skill specific exercises and training plans for every level of dancer.


Sneak peek at some members only content:


What's Included In A Dancer-Fitness Membership?


Our Membership is for you if....


I know, that Pesky Voice In Your Head May be Saying...

"I only have my dancers for an hour - there's no way I have time for strength training"
"I don't know the first thing about fitness - how can I lead my dancers in conditioning?"
"I don't know how to structure a workout" 
"We don't have a gym or any equipment"  
"There are too many levels of dancers on my team, I can't condition them all the same way"
"I don't have the time or expertise to be consistent, so why start?"

The great news? Dancer-Fitness.com was designed with YOU and these concerns in mind. 

➡️ Begin with 8 - 12  minutes of strength training 3 -5 times a week 
➡️ Save time in class with less cleaning and warming up skills 
➡️All exercises come with videos, written instructions and modifications
➡️Each exercise and training plan clearly stated HOW to do the exercises with sets and reps, WHAT the benefit is and SAFE implementation.
➡️All memberships include our member only facebook page where I pop in daily and host monthly coaching calls to answer all of your questions.
➡️All of our exercises do NOT require any equipment? Bodyweight exercises are very beneficial and when done with intention - are a fast way to increase strength safely.

Can't I just use Google and Pinterest?

Dancers are a very specific type of athlete and they should be trained as such. 

I've been a dancer and I've been a coach. I've learned that dancers need a specific type of training that will compliment their goals on the floor like:

  • Power

  • Mobility / flexibility 

  • Strength

  • Body awareness and coordination / control

  • Core strength 

  • Endurance

  • Working both sides of the body to create balance 

With dancer-fitness.com you'll save time planning your classes and feel confident that the exercises you've chosen for your dancers will be effective and safe.


Are you Ready to Invest In Your Team?


And Empower Your Dancers?

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